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How it Works

Buying and Selling with Moose Marketplace is quick, easy and safe Whether you are a buyer or a seller you can put your trust in our hands


Listing Your Bike // Getting Paid

Step 1 of buying a bike

1 - List Your Bike ✍

Create an account and fill out the details of the bike on 'Post A New Listing'. Make sure the details and images are as accurate as possible to avoid any delays in having your listing approved.

Step 2 Selling A Bike

2 - Ship Your Bike 🚚

Once someone has bought your bike, we will send you a bespoke bike box. It Includes a shipping label, tools and some packaging. Most bikes will just need the handlebars turning, pedals removed and the packaging applied, before wheeling it into the box. You can then schedule a collection with our courier.

Step 3 of selling a bike with Moose Marketplace

3 - Get Paid 💰

Within 48 hours after delivery, the buyer will inspect the bike. Once they have approved it matches the condition described, you will receive the funds. Our shipments our insured so in the extreme unlikelihood that something goes wrong during transit, you will be covered. This is part of our Seller Protection🛡.

Moose Seller Protection🛡


Our Promise

Selling a bike online can also be tricky, especially when it comes to sending it off. That's why Moose offer Seller Protection.

The buyer pays all the fees so that you can list your bike for free.

We send the packaging to you. There's no need to worry about finding a box, disassembling the bike or paying a fortune for shipping! We make it easy. You will receive our bespoke bike box, toolkit to turn the handlebars and a shipping label, all free of charge.

All our shipments are insured against damage, loss and theft so that there is no disputes if something happens during transit.

The buyer must approve the bike within 48 hours of receiving it. This way you won't be waiting days on end to get your money!

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Using The Marketplace

Step 1 Of Buying a Bike with Moose Market Place

1 - Find Your Dream Bike 🔍

Browse our listings and pick out your desired bike.

Step 2 of buying a bike with oose marketplace

2 - Buy Your Bike 💵

Complete the purchase of the bike and sit tight as it gets shipped! We use our own bespoke bike boxes to ensure maximum safety during transit.

Step 3 buying a bike with Moose Markeplace

3 - Approve The Bike 👍

Once you receive the bike, make sure the bike matches the description of the listing. Once inspected, you must approve the sale within 48 hours of delivery. The sale will then be complete! Our Buyer Protection🛡 is the safest way to buy a bike online.

Moose Buyer Protection🛡

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Our Promise

Buying used bikes online is not easy. That's why we offer Buyer Protection on all our bikes.

Moose securely stores your money until you have received your bike and for 48 hours until you approve it.

Every shipment is insured against damages and loss during shipping.

If the features or conditions of the bike vastly differ from the description, you can return the bike for free. Once reported within 48 hours of delivery, Moose Marketplace will take care of sending the bike back.

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Customer suport

Class leading customer support

Our customer service team are always here to help with listing a bike, buyer protection claims and any other questions.

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Frequently Asked Questions

When will my listing be approved?

Before listings make it on to our site, they go through an approval process to ensure the description matches the images of the bike as-well. This may take up to 2 working days but we aim to ensure this is done on the same working day.

What happens if the buyer does not approve my bike even though I sent it in the condition described?

Our Dispute Resolutions Team will work with both the seller and buyer to find the best solution for both parties involved. If the seller states the bike has not arrived in the condition arrived, they must provide the Dispute Team with evidence that it is different from the listing, such as photos or videos. If no satisfactory evidence can be provided then the funds will be released to the buyer. All our shipments are also insured, to keep your mind at ease.

What if the bike arrives damaged or not as described?

If the bike arrives in a vastly different condition that was stated on the listing, open a case with the Dispute Team. Provide any evidence such as photos or videos, of issues of the bike. If any discrepancies from the original listing are found you will be entitled a full refund of which Moose Marketplace will take care of, as-well as getting the bike back to the seller.

When will I get paid?

The buyer has 48 hours after the bike is delivered to approve the bike, as soon as it is approved or the 48 hours have expired, the funds will be released to the seller. It may take up to 7 working days for the funds appear in your account.

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